Thursday, 27 August 2015

Best Sites For Promotion and Exposure #1 - ReverbNation

If you have a very little audience you may ask:

What are the best sites for music promotion?

We have you covered!
1. Reverb Nation - Now, this site is absolutely brilliant for new artists. One of my personal favourite features is the charts, from the home screen you can view how popular you are as a musician in your local area and where you rank on the charts. You can narrow the charts down by local area, nationally, and globally as well as by genre!
Also, the fans system allows you to see how many fans you have across all your social media sites which gives you an impression of actually how many fans you have added up.
Next, you can submit to labels and opportunities through ReverbNation and it is really easy to do, they are accessible from the dashboard.
The ReverbNation website states 

"ReverbNation helps Artists grow lasting careers by introducing them to music industry partners, exposing them to fans, ..."

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