Thursday, 27 August 2015

What To Do When You Are A Beginner

What To Do When You Are A Beginner

As some of these reasons may seem obvious, they are general things that young, new, producers don't do when beginning. I have seen producers I know make simple mistakes multiple times.

Firstly, let me start by saying that just because you have downloaded the demo version of a software in which you don't know how to use. Please save people time and take that time to learn how to use the software. Many new producers just get excited and make a terrible, out of key, badly mixed and mastered track. They then put this track on the internet (Soundcloud and YouTube) thinking that they will get instant fame and become the new Martin Garrix. IT TAKES TIME PEOPLE! Before you make this simple mistake learn how to use your software to the best of your ability, possibly buy the full version and have fun with it. 

Once you now know how to use your software, what ever it may be, they are all basically the same anyway, export your first track in a high quality format. Next, take a week before releasing it to spread the word, tell your friends, family. Post tweets telling people to listen, maybe put a short 30 second snapshot of your track on to Youtube and Soundcloud to get people excited for the release.

Now, yes NOW it is time to release your track. I recommend that you make it a free download (Soundcloud allows you do do this easily) because people will most store it on their phones or computers and will want to come back for more. If you are ok for money, you could also invest in Adobe After Effects and make an audio visualizer for your YouTube video which will help attract viewers. Whatever you do, don't submit to record labels yet as they will most probably turn you down and do not cram your music on every promotion site known to man as it will not help your exposure at all. All you need is YouTube, Soundcloud and Twitter. Facebook can be used also but I personally do not recommend it as highly as Twitter for promotion.

I hope this helped.
Please remember that what I am writing is about what I have noticed from other producers and my own experience. Everyone has a different path to success.

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